Monday, September 28, 2009

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita (the cafe and the experience) can be found at 484 Cherry Street in downtown Macon, adding yet another delightful eatery to the Hobbit's Shire. With its coffee bar/patisserie atmosphere, the environment is relaxed and the staff friendly and attentive. Unlike most other Macon restaurants, La Dolce Vita offers something of a light Tapas-style menu of classic and intriguing Italian-inspired dishes priced from $3.00 - $5.00. The menu boasts a number of soups, features some excellent salads, and offers a variety of sandwich/roll-up/pastry items.

The Hobbit and fellow travelers each tackled a couple of dishes apiece, making for a satisfying light dinner all round. Items selected and enjoyed by the group included an avocado and crab salad, spinach and bacon quiche, smoked salmon spread with onions and red peppers on black Russian bread and Gazpacho soup. Although every item on the menu was not available, including the highly recommended chilled almond soup, all were impressed by the quality of the food chosen. Hungry Hobbits might need to consider three dishes.

Tempting desserts were on display, but the Hobbit settled for an espresso doppio to round off the evening. La Dolce Vita is well worth visiting for a workday lunch, an afternoon coffee break, or a light dinner.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spaghetti Alley - Gone!

The Hobbit was sad to learn that downtown Macon's Spaghetti Alley has closed its doors. However, a new restaurant, Macon Pizza in the Alley, will open there imminently. This pleases the Hobbit, who will find his way to their table soon.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lemongrass Thai Bistro

Long-awaited by the drooling masses, Lemongrass Thai Bistro opened last Tuesday at it's 442 Cherry Street, Macon location. Keep your eyes peeled as you cruise Cherry Street, because the frontage is modest in size. To overlook it would constitute a heinous, nay criminal, deprivation of the taste buds. It's on the right, about half-way as you travel from 3rd Street to MLK Blvd.

The cozy, modern interior is uncluttered and tasteful, with clean lines and a calm ambiance. The team of new waitstaff is eager to serve and quick to provide explanation about any item on the menu. We chose the appetizers recommended by our server: spring rolls and purses of mushrooms (having trouble remembering the name, but it's something like "bags of money" or words to that effect). These were very fresh and tasty. The spring rolls were light and delightfully cooked with a notable absence of greasiness. The mushrooms in their crisp pastry purses were flavorful and balanced with a spicy sauce. Delicious!

For the entree, I chose the traditional Thai Clay Pot (one of the specials) which consists of rice noodles, shrimp, bacon, and a variety of vegetables. This hearty meal was very satisfying with complimentary flavors and textures, and well-balanced seasoning. My co-diners selected the Masaman Curry (chicken) and something (the name escapes me again) like sour bamboo with ground beef. I sampled both of these dishes and each bespoke quality - I'd be glad to select them on my imminent return visit.

The menu offered much variety and this means lots of return visits for me. As good as the food is, I fear a line may form down Cherry Street for the chance to eat at Lemongrass Thai Bistro. This fine eatery has filled a culinary niche in Macon's repertoire of restaurants and will no doubt be frequented by many. Check them out on Facebook too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


If it's a cold wintry day, make a lunch stop at Satterfield's at 120 New St in downtown Macon. This friendly, relaxed, homey BBQ restaurant features a menu with plenty of choices. Be sure to grab a bowl of boiled peanuts as an appetizer while you ponder your selection. The Hobbit recently enjoyed some toasted pimento cheese sandwiches and a bowl of Brunswick stew, all sent south with a generous bowl of peach cobbler and ice cream. They know how to brew a good jug of ice tea too! Don't overlook this Macon gem!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jeneane's Cafe

Eating lunch at Jeneane's Cafe, located at 524 Mulberry Street, Macon, is a step back in time and out of the fast pace of the work week. This causal homey cafe serves up good ole' country food in a really relaxed environment. Friendly staff and local people make lunch at Jeneane's a pleasant experience. One of the Hobbit's favorites is baked chicken with turnip greens, corn bread, and whatever other vegetable takes his fancy. They bake some tasty pies too! Swing by Jeneane's for some country soul food!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bonefish Grill

The Hobbit had a treat recently when he went to the Bonefish Grill at 5080 Riverside Drive, Suite 506, Macon. This smart seafood restaurant is described on its web site as "Polished Casual®" and that is a fair self-assessment. The atmosphere was a smart-casual environment with an efficient air about it. The numerous waitstaff, dressed to impress, glided to and fro and were knowledgeable about the tantalizing menu.

In his usual procrastinating style, the Hobbit had difficulty committing to one item from the menu. However, he settled on one of the specials of the day: Swordfish steak. This sumptuous, thick steak was cooked to order and was very pleasing to savor. The Hobbit's guest selected Imperial Longfin stuffed with shrimps, scallops, and crab. The flavor of this dish was incredible. Bonefish Grill is definitely a quality inland location to enjoy seafood.

Prices reflect the quality of the food and service, but are not outrageous. All in all, a very satisfying experience and a place where the Hobbit will take guests in the future. Only negative was that the music was a little on the loud side, making conversation a tad difficult. But Bonefish Grill is a place to try, for sure.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Luigi's Bistro

This Sunday evening, for a treat before heading to the Grand Opera House to watch Sweeney Todd, we stopped for dinner at Luigi's Bistro, 401 Cherry Street, Macon. Luigi's is definitely another one of Macon's dining gems - a modern Italian restaurant serving high quality authentic Italian food in a relaxed atmosphere with friendly, attentive service.

The menu boasted quality and variety, while not overwhelming the reader with a plethora of choices. Even so, I had great difficulty narrowing it down to just one entree! We started our meal with an appetizer of Pita Chips, dusted in parmigiano and Italian herbs and served with a Marinara dipping sauce. If I were a piece of pita bread and faced imminent death by being eaten, given the choice this is the way I would depart! The pita chips were slightly crispy with a little softness in the centers. They did not last long despite being a generous portion!

For entrees, we chose the Frutti di Mare Ravioli with Salmon and an 8oz New York Strip with Portobellos and Marsala Sauce. The ravioli was exceptional with beautiful fresh-tasting meats and a creamy sauce with just the right balance of lemon and seasoning which brought a lightness to the dish. The New York Strip was cooked just as I requested and tasted wonderful. The Marsala dressing was no stranger to the inside of a Marsala bottle and, paired with the portobellos, accompanied the steak with gusto. The mashed potatoes and broccoli with accompanying salad were fresh and tasty.

Luigi's boasts a sizable wine cellar. We chose a French Chardonnay and a Chianti. They did not disappoint. The dessert menu was concise. We tried the special - a cheesecake creme brulee and a piece of chocolate cake. Both were outstanding and the slice of chocolate cake was huge!

Complimenting the food was efficient and personable service and a relaxed ambiance. This made for a very enjoyable experience. Luigi's is one of the more expensive restaurants that I've tried recently, but definitely appropriately priced for the experience. In other words, "Totally worth it!" This is a place to which I'll return for a special occasion rather than a mid-week pit stop, but I do look forward to going back there sometime soon.