Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ingleside Village Pizza

Mercer University faculty, staff, and students rejoiced when Ingleside Village Pizza (IVP) graced their neck of the woods with its second location (1635 Montpelier Avenue, Macon). Just a stone's throw away from the heart of Mercer's Macon campus, IVP's concise menu hits the spot when it's time to fuel up at lunch. Specializing in pizza (obviously), IVP also offers salads and subs at reasonable prices. They must have consulted a hobbit before designing the menu because a grand selection of domestic and international bottled beers is available to help wash the pizza down to its destination.

IVP's uncomplicated pizza menu is a fine example of less is more. Three diverse pizza compilations are listed, but a long list of toppings allow pizza lovers to create their own edible artistry according to their whims and desires. I wasn't feeling artistic today, so I went for one of the ready-designed pizzas. The White Pizza boasts a topping of Ricotta cheese, spinach, mushrooms, garlic, and extra cheese. This concoction is a delicious medley of robust flavors that work together beautifully.

The IVP experience is relaxed and uncomplicated. Yep, we need more of that in life. When the semester is in full swing, be prepared for lines or get there early. IVP is the place to be!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Spaghetti Alley

I was glad to make a swift return to Spaghetti Alley for lunch in downtown Macon (575 Mulberry Street Lane) this week. I'm nearly always impressed with a place that has a concise menu with enough variety that I have trouble choosing which of the delectable delights to order. Such was the case, once again, and by a rigorous process of elimination I made the excellent decision to try Fettuccini Franco. The combination of fettuccini, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and Alfredo sauce made for a super combination of flavors. I added the grilled shrimp which rounded the dish off very nicely. The quantity satisfied this happy hobbit who told at least ten people about his lunch! The service was of great quality once again.

Spaghetti Alley's bread and dip, a standard prerequisite to all meals, is worth a mention. The bread is fresh and tasty and the olive oil dip with a well-chosen blend of Mediterranean herbs is very moreish.

I highly recommend making your way to Spaghetti Alley for a meal. I have every intention of working my way right through the menu. Not in one sitting, though.