Saturday, October 11, 2008


Adriana's Italian Cafe, located at 359 3rd Street, is undoubtedly my favorite weekday lunchtime eatery. It's a favorite of many others too. Yesterday I wondered if we'd even find a seat at 1:15pm, but we did!

Yesterday's eye-catcher for me was the Manicotti; broad pasta tubes filled with Ricotta cheese and dressed in an authentic Italian tomato sauce. As is my habit, I accompanied this with a Greek Salad. I declare that the Greek Salad at Adriana's is the best I've ever had outside of Greece. I'll bet it knocks the socks off many Greek Salads inside of Greece too! The Manicotti were very tasty and the naturally complimentary flavors of cheese and tomato were enhanced by popular Italian herbs.

Repeat visits are testimony to the quality of a restaurant. You'll see that there are already several postings on this blog about Adriana's. It's not complicated: Go, eat, enjoy, ...repeat! That's what I always do! Don't forget to look at the dessert bar by the entrance. There are some exceedingly good-looking desserts in there and they taste the part too. This is quality, authentic Italian food served in a casual cafe atmosphere. Don't settle for less when you're thinking Italian.

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