Sunday, June 8, 2008


It is only fitting that my first post about a great dining experience be about my all-time favorite lunchtime eatery. Adriana's Cafe in downtown Macon (359 3rd St) is a delightful Italian cafe with a bustling atmosphere. It's really popular so I've learned to try to get there before the lunchtime rush. That said, it's always been worth the wait!

On Friday last, I enjoyed their salmon pasta with a Greek salad for lunch. It was flavorful, light, and satisfying. Their Greek salad really rocks. It is laced with garlic and filled with Mediterranean flavor. They also feature a sun-dried tomato soup with walnuts which is rich, tasty, and downright moreish. The spell-checker doesn't recognize the important culinary term "moreish." It's not rocket science - it means one bowl is never enough!

I've often gazed longingly at the delicious-looking cakes that they display in the dessert bar. I'll be sure to let you know when I try one. I'll pair it with a good espresso or cappuccino.

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Laura said...

The sun-dried tomato soup is fabulous, and their chicken salad is good, too. When I need to scale it back a little, a salad with grilled chicken works well. Like you, I've never had the dessert there, but I think we should try it! They also have breakfast, apparently.